Summer 2018: USA Today Travel

2/18/18: Elby Awards
Chef of the Year


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Best Restaurant Fan, #2 Best Cocktail Menu

8/2017: The Local Palate
Notes from a Farm: Autumn Olive Farms

Life Stories

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Moonshine cocktails

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24 Hours of Drinking in Richmond, Va

1/25/17: James Beard Foundation
Forged in Friendship dinner


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The Best Restaurants in the River District, Richmond

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Chef Joe Sparatta's take on GMOs

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Favorite Fall Cocktails Around the South

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Best Restaurants 2015

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An apple a Day, Cooking with Va Cider

14 Must-try Richmond Restaurants for Romance

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Best of Richmond 2015

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Travel guide

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The Richmond Dining Scene is on Fire, and this is Why

3/25/15: Tasting Table
The Best Mixologists in the South

3/05/15: Tasting Table
City Guide

1/25/15: Elby Award Winner
Chef of the Year, Restaurant of the Year


11/20/14: Star Chefs
Rising Star Award

11/14/14: New Jersey Monthly
Table Hopping with Rosie

10/2014: The Local Palate
The Local Palate October 2014

08/2014: Southern Living
100 Best Restaurants in the South

2014: Afar Magazine
Heritage Happy Hour

05/21/14: Style Weekly
2014 Best of Richmond: Top 3 for Best Chef, Bartender, Service & Dinner

02/19/14: RVA News
Heritage hosts “Chef take over” series

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Eating and Drinking in the South

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5 Great Places to Drink in Richmond

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100 Best Bars in the South


12/20/2012: Richmond Times Dispatch
Dana Craig’s 4 Star Review

12/15/2012: FoodRVA
Review of: Heritage

12/4/2012: Style Weekly
Food Review: Heritage

11/21/2012: Richmond Magazine
Hägglund’s Vanilla Cocktail

11/01/2012: Belle Magazine
A Night of Nibbles

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5 Favorites with Daniel Warshaw

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Short Order: RVA Food News

08/28/2012: Style Weekly
Short Order: Say Hello to Heritage

08/20/2012: Richmond Bizsense
Monday Q&A: Draw on your heritage

08/17/2012: Fan of the Fan
Six Burner to become Heritage under new ownership